Bounty Hunter x Cream Soda
Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter x Cream Soda

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Bounty Hunter was founded in 1995 by Hikaru Iwanaga and released its first toy in 1997 with the Kid Hunter toy. The company was started as a celebration of both toys and punk culture and was original started with a keen interest in Star Wars and other vintage American toys that were imported for sale. The shop name stuck, even as Hikaru started creating and selling his own products. The original Bounty Hunter shop still remains in the Harajuku District of Tokyo where youth fashion has taken off and driven an increasing interest in the toys and clothing Bounty Hunter produces. As the company grew, the variety of products produced by Bounter Hunter increased, with the advent of T-Shirt designs.
The Bounty Hunter line continued with the development of future vinyl characters and various collections of impeccably designed garments.

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